Don’t Back into the Palm Tree! boasts an 86% five-star rating on Amazon!

Here is what some readers have to say, in their own words:

“This book was truly hard to put down especially since I saw the last year of my life go by in Linda Segall’s book. I too am married to an engineer who can and does fix everything, So when we purchased an older renowned RV we experienced everything Linda and Jim went through undoing the previous owner “fixes” and setting out to remodel our rolling home. This book is well written, entertaining and informative. There are helpful resources listed, tips and suggestions. If you’re thinking about the RV life please read this book. You won’t be disappointed.”


“Although I haven’t read the whole book, there is great advice for the novice RVer.”


“Anyone who can relate to the author’s statement “I guess I am a nomad at heart” and has ever contemplated purchasing an RV should read this book. Based on her blog posts over the course of a year traveling with her husband and their two cats, the book is organized in short chapters that are easy to read and reference later. The chapter on choosing the appropriate vehicle lists the most important considerations, based on the author’s experience and extensive research, as well as the reasons for her own choice. Combining personal (and humorous) experience with rock-solid information for the novice RVer, Ms. Segall presents the problems she and her husband Jim encountered and follows them with their ingenious solutions. And there are lots of potential problems! However, for every problem, there is a work-around, unless it involves backing up on a levee. This is a must-read for serious prospective RVers.”


“I enjoyed reading this book! It was easy to read & offered good tips for RV’ing. I recommend this book to new RV owners & especially prior to hitting the road!”